Dahab Tec&Rec, Egypt

25 сентября — 2 октября 2021

Dahab Tec&Rec, Egypt

900 € /28 400 ₴

The price is not the diver 

600 € /18 930 ₴

We invite divers on the club travel to Dahab, Egypt. Departure from Kiev.

This time we combined technical and recreational dives, so no one will have to be sad. Dahab is a kind of mecca for divers from all over the world and at all levels from beginners to professionals. A dream city and a real paradise for divers, because Dahab has unique dive sites, from Lighthouse, where beginners can easily and comfortably hone their skills and pass open water, and the famous Blue Hole, where technical divers and freedivers set their records.


We strongly recommend visiting the Ras Abu Galum Nature Reserve, which is located north of Dahab. There are two ways to get to the reserve: on the ground on camels or on the water in a boat known to all divers Blue Holle.
Ras Abu Galum covers an area of ​​more than 500 square kilometers, here you can meet more than 165 species of unique plants, desert animals such as red fox, Nubian goat and several species of reptiles. But most importantly, you will make 4 incredible dives to the pristine coral gardens with lots of colorful fish. We will also meet the locals, who will hospitably welcome us for the night and feed us deliciously after incredible adventures.


Including: Flight Kiev - Sharm el-Sheikh - Kiev; Accommodation in Tirana Dahab Resort in a double room, food - AI - "all inclusive";
Transfers on tour.


REC diving package:

5 days, min 11 dives;
1 night dive (in the presence of a certificate) in the cost of the package;
Cylinders 12l., Cargo, guiding, breakfast + lunch at Gabr EL Bint.

TEC diving package:

Supplement for package 150 €

5 days, 5 dives (Twinset AIR + EAN 50);
3 dives to a depth of 45 meters;
2 dives to a depth of 55 meters (subject to appropriate certification).

Hotel: "Tirana Dahab Resort" - a four-star resort hotel, located 3 km from the center of Dahab.


The host - Diving Center "Club Red" - is one of the oldest dive centers, equipped with the necessary equipment for comfortable and safe dives. Exit to the home reef (Mashrab), and closed water (sandy plateau 10x50 m at a depth of 5 m).


Possible additional costs:

Exit with accommodation on Abu Galum (4 dives, survival and three meals a day) - 120 €
Admission to the Blue Hole is $ 5
EAN 32 balloon - 6 € / pc.
Equipment rental - 20 € / day
Rental of part of the equipment (per unit) - 4 € / day
Lantern rental - 7 € / day
Computer rental for diving - 10 € / day (required, if not)
15л. balloon - 5 € / pc.
Extra dive (optional) - 20 €
Diving Insurance (if not) - 25 €.

During the trip you can get a certificate with a 10% discount on the following recreational specializations:

Specialty Course Enriched Air Nitrox Level 2 (40%) (SC-EAN)
Specialty Course Night Diving and Limited Visibility (SC-LV)
Specialty Course Deep Diving (SC-DD)
Specialty Course Scooter / DPV (SC-SCO)


During the trip you can get a certificate with a 20% discount on the following technical specializations:

Extended Range Foundations
Extended Range
Technical Extended Range

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