Free tutorial for learning diving

If you are reading these lines, then certainly I think for diving, but where do you begin your journey full of adventures!? And is the game worth the candle!? To answer these and other questions SSI - Scuba Schools International gives you free access to educational materials. Register now to get free access to digital materials SSI freediving basic, Snorkeling and Try scuba.

registration Link in DiveSSI After registration the password will be sent in the mail, the username is your e-mail.

you can Read through the site and through the Mobile app, available for Android  iOS.

Through the course application you can download to your device and read without Internet (quite comfortably, it displays the progress and pass / fail tests).


Courses (programs) are available after registration:

Reference to check DiveSSI.

Links to download the program for Android  iOS.


Scuba Schools International has also mastered the use of technology to enhance learning - online or offline. Instead of asking questions with a static multi-select, now they are randomly extracted from the database to improve the quality of learning material.

the DiveSSI App is a tool" all in one " for your diving adventures, available on iOS and Android devices. Features including offline access to digital textbooks, video spectacular 360 ° digital log-book, digital certificates, tables and much more! Use the training materials and learn how to fill the virtual divelog in the application.

In a digital log book you can enter information about the details of the dive (such as gas mixture, depth, temperature) for scuba diving, freediving and technical diving. The journal has a new ability to scan QR codes. New dives can be created by using geo-location or selected from our global database. Dive sites can be easily distributed, it is sufficient to transmit the QR code to a friend. Information about the details of the immersion will automatically appear on the mobile device buddy, so no need to record this information in a paper journal. Was the dip can be automatically synchronized between the app and DiveSSI account mySSI on the Internet.



dive Data can be automatically unloaded from the computers Parus (Quad, Quad Air Pack Pro +, Smart ) using Bluetooth Low Energy technology via BLUELINK PRO.

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